Groenkol Simbra Stud

The Groenkol Simbra stud was started by Willem while he was still attending school. His beloved Simbra stud started with a few Simmentaler cows.

Today, the Groenkol stud, is well recognised and has produced highly regarded bulls and cows.

Groenkol Zohr and Groenkol Jackson are only two of many bulls that come from the Groenkol stud, with Groenkol Jackson being the most prominent sire used in 2018 by Simbra breeders.

Seeing that Groenkol is one of the very few breeders of Simbra's in the Western Cape, breeders in other parts of South Africa are attracted to new genetic material, with Groenkol proving to deliver on outstanding genetic material.

Groenkol Rooibos Tea Estate
+27 27 482 2640
PO Box 138, Clanwilliam, 8135
South Africa