About us


The Engelbrecht family has been farming with Rooibos on Groenkol Rooibos Tea Estate since the 1950's. Willem Engelbrecht is the 3rd generation farmer that strives to farm in a sustainable and innovative way.

"Since I was no taller than the rooibos bushes I played amongst, the red tea has been part of my life. Then and until his death my father and mentor - Oubaas Engelbrecht - taught me everything he knew about farming and producing rooibos.

Dad was one of the most influential people the rooibos industry has seen, and numerous systems and equipment currently still in use, were designed by him. Like all visionaries, he was not afraid to swim upstream and challenge the paradigms.

He also taught me that you should never put your name on something that you are not proud of. So quality is the founding philosophy in everything that we do. Whether it is breeding superior genetic cattle and sheep or growing the finest quality single origin estate rooibos."

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Groenkol Rooibos Tea Estate
+27 27 482 2640
PO Box 138, Clanwilliam, 8135
South Africa