Rooibos Farming

The Engelbrecht family has been farming with Rooibos on Groenkol Rooibos Tea Estate since the 1950's. Willem Engelbrecht is the 3rd generation farmer that strives to farm in a sustainable and innovative way. Optimum yields and quality are obtained by using effective and regenerative soil management, moisture conservation as well as integrated pest and weed control.

The whole rooibos cycle progresses on Groenkol Estate, from the sowing of the seed in the nursery to the packed teabag in the carton. Traceability is a key focus point, which ensures that the client can have peace of mind when drinking rooibos tea from the Estate, which is of single origin.

In an industry with few mechanical aids and implements, the Engelbrecht family has played an immense role in the development and manufacturing of industry specific equipment. The late Oubaas Engelbrecht, developed and built several implements for the industry. The most significant contributor, was the first mechanical rooibos harvester, called the Van Rheenen, named after a farm workers family, that has been working and living on Groenkol for more than 4 generations.

Today, Willem and his team, continues to develop and improve equipment to ensure that the daily tasks, whether on the rooibos fields or rooibos tea court, take place in an effective manner.

Groenkol Rooibos Tea Estate
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